Thursday, July 29, 2010


Greetings to any and all who may stumble upon this blog.
I am new to blogging so I will try my best to make an effort to continue to provide you with some interesting things to read. I may post something of a technical nature, a personal nature, and something about some public event. One never knows what they will be writing about until the spirit moves them to do so.
As the weeks end approaches I'm looking at a busy weekend of sorrowful and joyful activities beginning with a memorial service of a high school classmate whom I last saw about 18 months ago. Little did I know then that I would be saying goodbye to him so soon. At last we talked, we were attending the memorial service of another classmate who dies of cancer just 10 days after he learned he even had the cancer. And this classmate was taken down by a blood clot which traveled from an injury in his leg, up into his lungs. Very similar to what took my paternal grandmother when a blood clot traveled from a wound in her leg into her heart and silently took her while she was watching the evening news with grandfather.
After the memorial service it is off to a family reunion. It has been a few years since the family has gotten together. I don't know who all will be attending but I do know that it may be the last time we see some of the older family members so it is important to go and visit them and spend some good quality time with them to let them know how wonderful it was to have them in my life and how they have enrichened it. I have great memories from my younger years, supplied by some of these people who stepped in to fill voids left by the passing of my grandparents while I was still too young to really get to know them well.
I shall thank them and their memories and then be off to a parade. A huge parade, the largest in the state in which upwards of 300,000 people will be out in attendance to watch my son and his fellow marching band members march in this two and a half mile long parade route.

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