Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death of a Murderer

The news is reporting that Osama bin Laden was not armed when he was shot twice and killed during the raid by the U.S. Navy Seals. Some may argue that he was not given due process and some would argue that he got what he deserved. Still others would complain that they would rather he be taken alive and taken to the base at Guantanamo and held there with the other prisoners until he could be tried, then executed.

Would detaining him be better than killing him? Would holding him invoke rescue attempts by his followers? Would holding him invoke terrorist attacks by groups demanding his release? If the photos of his corpse are released to the public will those images invoke attacks by his followers and supporters?
Then we have the question of how do we respond to the knowledge that he had been living in this compound in Pakistan for several years, in "plain site" as they say, either without the Pakistani governments knowledge or with their knowledge and support. How do we handle that?

Pakistan is a poor country existing on the edge. It is quite possible that Pakistan could go over the edge and become a 100% radicalized state or they could settle down and become a better global citizen, a more peaceful country where once again people (citizens and visitors alike) would feel safe regardless of their religion or citizenship.
How we handle the issue with bin Laden's discovered safe haven compound could very well determine which direction the country will fall. Supporting their government and helping to bring them along to a more democratic and moderate society would be best for it's neighbors and the world as a whole. Bring them along with the rest of the revolutions occurring in the Arab world and perhaps in the near future the middle east will be a much safer place for all.

Will Al Qaeda go away now that bin Laden is dead? Difficult to say. Will they slowly die away as their support dwindles? Hard to say. But the best way to eradicate them and the Taliban is to educate and support the modernization of the Arab world. We are not interested in taking over their country. We are not interested in changing their religious beliefs. What we do want is to be able to peaceably co-exist with all people of all colors, races, and religions.

The U.S. Navy Seals are heroes. They killed a murderer who not only is responsible for killing Americans, but he is responsible for the killing of thousands of fellow Arabs. It didn't matter to him whose blood was shed in the furtherance of his personal agenda. How many more of the radical terrorists will the Arab world allow to murder other human beings, other Arabs, other Muslims, with their false claims of doing so in the name of Islam? Granted I have never read the Koran and I most likely never will, but from what I have heard from people of that faith, people like bin Laden interpret it the way they want, to serve their own purpose which is not within the teachings of Islam.

I hope that the people of Islam will wake up and fight against such people and become truly known for that which the real Islam is supposed to be, a peaceful place.

One last path of thought on this entire bin Laden situation. He was thought to be living in mountainous regions of Pakistan or Afghanistan, hiding for the thousands of people looking for him, Instead he was living in the lap of luxury compared to a cave or mountainous location, living in comfort while encouraging others to give up everything and fight, to give up everything and use themselves as suicide bombers to fight the enemy. True bin Laden did take up arms against the Russians, but against the Americans he hid and then built himself a nice compound in which to hide while others died for his.

I have never understood why religious leaders work so hard at holding their people back, why they try so hard to prevent their own people from getting educated and improving their quality of life. The poorest of poor are forced to serve them, rather than their god. Their poorest of poor are forced to suffer while their leaders live in comfort. Is that truly what God wanted?

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